sometimes parenting can make you feel just a little crazy

birthday wishes

I never know what to say anymore whenever someone asks, "What would you like for your birthday?"  I don't want diamonds or pearls.  I don't need a designer handbag or fancy shoes.  No, I'm too practical for that (until we hit it big, at least).  More "stuff" is just not at the top of my list.  Nope, I crave the non-tangible.  Not a fancy dinner, no spa day, because, honestly, the enjoyment is gone as soon as the experience is over and I'm usually thinking about what's NOT getting accomplished at home during it anyway!  (sigh...light bulb!) With just 10 days to go, I've decided what my ideal gift is!  I know what I want this year.  Ever since I read Amy Poehler's book, as well as listened to the audio version, I occasionally hear her voice echoing in my head.  "Every mother needs a wife."  Yes, please, Amy!

Okay, so not a "wife," per se.  No...something along the lines of a housekeeper/maid.  Yes, that's it.  I don't mean forever, just...for one month.  The most wonderful present I could receive this year is a maid for one month.  I imagine myself falling into convulsive sobs if someone gave me a temporary housekeeper for my birthday.

Now, if I really want to be more realistic, a month is probably too much.  A week - I'd be thrilled for a week.  Yep, a week would be fantastic.  I could have a break from being the House Manager/Mom/Shopper/Laundress and I could be - well, me!  I could work without having to think the dishes piling up in the kitchen.  Someone would gather all the things I set aside to give away and it would actually be given - away. 

Alright, I know even a full week is not so cheap to come by. Just a couple of days, then.  It would be enough time for her (or him, let's be fair) to run a few errands and do a really good cleaning of the house top-to-bottom, including the porch!  I would LOVE that.  That's all I really need, to live for a few days in a house that I didn't have to clean. To walk on the floor without stepping on...something...to have windows washed, blinds dusted, and pillows fluffed - it would be absolute heaven.

One day.  All I really need is just one day.  A decent cleaning can be done in one day.  I would be happy with one day.

The bathrooms, at least get the bathrooms and the kitchen.  I can live with the family room and the bedrooms as they are.  Light dusting...vacuum...easy, I can do it...but the bathrooms and the kitchen take more time.

Half a day?  A lot can get done in just a half day.  Really, that's all I need.

Make my bed?  Do some ironing?  Bathe the kids?


What about a gardener for Mother's Day?