sometimes parenting can make you feel just a little crazy

snow days

What you think it will be like sending your kids out to play in the snow

They frolic in the snow while you sit inside, peruse magazines and sip tea.  After about two hours, they come in, rosy-cheeked, and you make hot cocoa.  They fall asleep early that night from all the outdoor activity.

What it's really like sending your kids out to play in the snow

You spend 45 minutes tracking down snow pants, boots, hats and gloves that fit.  It takes another 30 minutes to get them bundled up head-to-toe.  The rest of the time goes like this:

Min 2 - younger two are crying because oldest threw snow in their faces
Min. 10 - one of them is hitting your car to knock icicles off, you threaten to bring them inside and tell them they should build a snowman
Min 14 - the dog pees inside because she won't go out in the snow
Min 15 - kids complain they can't build a snowman
Min 17 - you throw on your boots and a pair of gloves, go outside and show them how to pack snow with their hands
Min 21 - after several failed attempts, you tell them it's not good snowman snow and go back inside
Min 26 - middle child runs to the door doing the potty dance and stops halfway inside because he didn't make it in time
Min 29 - while husband starts undressing middle child, you search for spare clothes
Min 32 - you return with extra clothes, but now the youngest is inside because she fell down
Min 36 - youngest wants to go back outside
Min 38 - you hear footsteps on the back porch and door handle jiggles...your insides fill with dread
Min 39 - while you retrieve a carrot stick from the fridge (it's not so much a snowman, as Olaf in the process of melting), you grab a beer and weep silently in the closet
Min 42 - it's too quiet and you start wondering what they're getting into