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parenting olympics

An enormous amount of planning to pack an insane amount of activities into a relatively short amount of time - yeah, parenting is just like the Olympics.  Here are some more highlights from this summer's events so far:

Water Events

Diving:  Make a tight and neat descent with the smallest resulting splash as possible - my exact hope whenever the kids decide they are big enough to pour their own drinks.

Synchronized Swimming (Pairs):  A panel of eagle-eyed judges are watching you the whole time and can spot when you're not perfectly aligned with your partner.  Big points deduction.

Track and Field

High Jump:  The kids compete in this event.  They will practice A LOT and you'll never stop being afraid they won't make it over.  Sometimes they won't.  They also won't ever stop trying.  Ergh.

2XInfiniteM Relays:  You've been training with your partner for years now, but there's always a chance you mess up the baton pass during the big event.  Then, it's all over...I mean, you still have to cross the finish line, but we all know you're not trying as hard.

Steeple Chase:  Running in circles, occasionally jump over something and you are guaranteed to step in a puddle - everyday, all day.


Parenting Olympics #1 Coach

Parenting Olympics #1 Coach