sometimes parenting can make you feel just a little crazy

conversation starters

The art of conversation is learned, not innate.  My kids' complete honesty can be refreshing and cute even, but boy-oh-boy, sometimes they leave me speechless (which is quite a feat, just ask my husband).  Let me provide some context - there is none.  These kids spurt stuff out without any warning.

Frank: "Mom, what would happen if you put blood in a robot?"
Duke: "When is Grandmom going to die?"
Me: "Brush your teeth."  Frank: "Yeah, because I don't want to have surgery."
Duke: "When are we going to get a new house? I'm tired of this one."
Frank: "When are we going to have another baby?" (when asked why, he replied that he thought it would be fun)

Thank goodness Phyllis isn't into this stage yet.  Most of her conversations consist of sorting out what she says from what she actually means.

Phyllis: "I'm hungry."
Husband (not quite awake yet): "Okay, I'll get you some breakfast in a minute."
P: "No! I don't want breakfast!"
H: "You just said you're hungry."
P: "Yes, I hungry, but not for breakfast."
H (still trying to wake up): "Well, what do you want?"
P: "I hungry for some food."
H: "Breakfast is food, honey."
P: "Nooo. No it's not! Breakfast is NOT food." 
H: "Okay, I'll get you some food in a minute."
P: "Okay." (smiles and walks away)

It's taken us until the third child to realize it's futile to argue semantics with a preschooler, but we finally get it.