sometimes parenting can make you feel just a little crazy

letters to my kids: on humility

Dear Children,

I've got news for you.  You're not special.

You have a particular set of advantages, disadvantages, experiences and perspectives belonging to you and you alone.  This makes you unique, but not special.

Also, no one owes you anything.  You may be fortunate to receive some things, but this does not make you special.  It only makes you responsible for doing something positive with what you have been given.  Others may have more than you, but this does not make you special.  It gives you something to aim for.  You will encounter obstacles in your life, but that doesn't mean you're special.  It just means you need to work harder, think differently and seek help to overcome them.  You can have successes, but this does not place you above anyone else.  It doesn't make you special.  It just means you have the opportunity to lead others.

As your mother, let me tell you, you are no better or worse than anyone else.

You are wonderful.

You matter.

Your life has meaning...but don't live it thinking you're something special.  Let me do that.