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home improvements

Sometimes things get worse before they get better and I'm not speaking metaphorically.  I was cleaning my kitchen chairs...my black kitchen chairs...because I couldn't remember the last time I had done more than a cursory wipe on any part of them.  We drink a lot of milk in our household and, let me remind you, my chairs are black. Spills are commonplace and the speckles of white were starting to blend together like a freckle-faced kid in summer.

I had already tackled the stove and the cabinets, so I grabbed a fresh cloth, some cleaner and sat down to start giving the chairs a good once over from the top to bottom.  As I worked my way through the first chair, I noticed that I had been missing some areas.  Hmph.  As I worked on the second chair, I realized I hadn't missed them.  I just hadn't gone over them more than once.  Argh.  By the time I got to the third chair, I could see that a quick wipe-down wasn't cutting it.  Dammit.  I started spraying and wiping harder, then turning the chair 90 degrees to start on the next section.  As I did so, the little white globs caught the light and blinded me, taunting me as they looked more polished and prominent than ever.  I doubled my efforts and had to start using my nails to scrape at some of the spots.  Is it possible that milk turns to glue?  Because that's what it seemed like.

Eventually, I did get the chairs cleaned.  Mostly.  And my cabinets and counter tops look great.  Lesson learned.  If I really want to make my house look better, I should always wait until things get really dirty, so when I finally do clean, it will all look brand new!