sometimes parenting can make you feel just a little crazy

math problems

Math homework looks very different for today's kids than when I was younger.  I want to be involved in my children's education so I've been learning a lot of new math lately.  It's crazy, but seemingly impossible equations suddenly make sense now.  How well would you do with modern homework?  Put your math skills to the test below.

1.  Mommy is grocery shopping.  Her children have been eating a lot of apples lately, so she buys a bulk pack of 12 apples.  How many apples will the children eat?

2.  On Monday morning, Mommy drinks 2 cups of coffee.  On Tuesday, Mommy drinks 1.5 cups of coffee.  On  Wednesday and Thursday, Mommy drinks .75 cups of coffee.  Mommy drinks 3 cups of coffee on Friday.  How many cups of hot coffee does Mommy drink on average each day?

3.  If Daddy loses 4 squared hairs for every child and has 3 children, how many hairs has Daddy lost?

4.  Mommy has a 3:1 ratio of sleep to brain function.  If Mommy takes a 3-day weekend trip with uninterrupted sleep each night, how many days of good functioning will she have back home?

5.  Daddy is handling dinner with the kids while Mommy runs errands.  He treats the children to dessert for eating well.  Each child receives one small scoop of ice cream.  Mommy comes back home and sees that Daddy gave the children her expensive gourmet ice cream.  How many dishes must Daddy wash?

Extra Credit  Mommy gains 3 to the x power gray hairs where x= the number of children in the household.  If Mommy has three kids, how many gray hairs she gained?

What comes after a day full of whining?  Wine, of course!

Answer Key: (1) 0 - They want bananas now.  (2) Trick question - Mommy never gets hot coffee.  (3) Does it really matter?  They're not growing back.  (4) 1 day if she's lucky.  It depends on what condition the house is in.  (5)  All of them, plus make Mommy a cocktail.  Extra Credit:  "What gray hairs?  You don't look a day over 25!"