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new ventures

I've been on a special journey over the past few months.  The summer was wildly hectic, which is not really news (this blog is called tinycrackers, after all), but I'm happy to say it's been so in a very exciting way.  I had the pleasure of getting to know the people behind Storytime Toys, a start-up company whose goal is to bring books and stories alive to young children through play.  Storytime Toys produces buildable playsets based on popular childhood tales which encourage hands-on, thoughtful play, foster creativity and reinforces literacy skills.  Beautifully illustrated pieces and simple construction make this unique product line perfect for young children, girls and boys.  (I should know, all of mine love our Goldilocks set!) As a librarian, educator and mom (and at the risk of being trite), I am passionate about the importance of books to a child's learning.  Therefore, I am honored to be working with Storytime Toys as a contributor for their new blog, which is launching Fall 2014!  Visitors will find crafts and stories, as well as information on trends, like STEM in education and the growing maker culture.

This new venture combines so many things I love; books, writing and high-quality educational toys that don't make surprise noises from the bottom of the toy bin—I'm in heaven!

Please take a moment to visit their website www.storytimetoys.com to learn more about their inspiring products.  And, don't forget to check back for more posts and announcements from yours truly.