sometimes parenting can make you feel just a little crazy


All parents have some secrets, a hidden stash of tricks or shortcuts to make the arduous journey through the day a little more bearable and which we don't openly share lest we be deemed an unfit mother or father, a blight on the neighborhood, a plague in the t-ball bleachers. Maybe one day I will start a support group for parents who feel pressure to keep their non-organic, caged chicken dinners in the closet. For now, I will just start with my own confessions.

Hello, my name is Matilda and I'm an imperfect parent.

I frequently throw out papers and crafts my son brings home from preschool when he's not looking. In the future I may regret not having a weekly chronicle of his improved handwriting, but I doubt it.

When we're in a rush to do something or go somewhere, I don't always enforce a thorough brushing of the teeth.  It's really the same for when we have no place to go and my morning coffee is downstairs getting cold.

Not all of the kid apps on my iPad are educational.

I skip words and sentences if the bedtime story is too long.  I like to think of it as demonstrating paraphrasing.

I sneak my iPad into the bathroom with me to eke out extra alone time. I play games, check messages, but I don't blog, never blog. I'm especially not blogging right now.

I like things that come in threes. I have three kids and I think three picture frames make a nice grouping. Three is also my limit to how many times I'll ask my toddler to repeat himself when I can't understand what he's saying. After that I open my eyes really wide and say "Wow."

It's not easy being a parent in today's society.  Most of us are just doing the best we can and sometimes that means allowing certain things to fall through the tiny cracks our children have created in our brains.  So go ahead, give your 3-year-old sugary fruit juice without diluting it with water.  You've got bigger fish to fry, like figuring out how to explain why the caterpillar she captured from the yard isn't moving.