sometimes parenting can make you feel just a little crazy

behind the scenes

I've discovered I'm living the life of a rock n' roll band manager.  Truly.  Being a mom can look really cool and fun from the outside, especially to fans, but behind the scenes it can be chaos.

  • They should be dressed in complimentary outfits and looking cute, but not too cutesy.  Achieving that balance of relaxed and slightly disheveled without being just messy takes a lot of effort.
  • When taking group shots anything too posed just comes off as fake, so it's best to opt for a photojournalism approach, which like the previous item, is harder than it looks to achieve.  When in doubt, put it in black and white.
  • We're always late.
  • Before any performances or appearances, my number one goal is to keep everyone happy.
  • The lead singer is a bit of a diva and prone to sulking when he thinks I'm paying too much attention to the bassist and the drummer.
  • It's a major feat to get everyone in the van and on the road and I'm always responsible for packing lots of equipment.
  • Like true artists, they can't control when inspiration hits, but just go with it when it does.  At the dinner table, right before bed, when I'm in the bathroom...
  • They have a really great hardcore fanbase who can't get enough pictures of them and follow their every move.  They call themselves "The Family."
  • They make outrageous demands and if one gets something, the other two have to have the same thing.
  • I'm on the job all the time, 24/7.
  • They don't always sleep when they should and then end up passing out on the sofa.
  • They make magic when they're all together and in sync...unless they're fighting...then it's my job to bring them back together.

I don't mind doing all the background work, while the band gets all the fun and glory.  I just want my 10%.