sometimes parenting can make you feel just a little crazy


I recently updated my resume and noticed stark differences between my former professional self and the domestic wonder I am now.  Getting ready for work these days consists of clean sweats and brushing my teeth, maybe my hair, too, if I'm up to it.  I haven't worn heels since my cousin's wedding about a year ago and my idea of a power suit is rolling up my sleeves.  While I haven't quite kept up with professional reading, I have acquired a lot of new information on dinosaurs.  (Can you pronounce Euplocephalus, because I can!)  Despite these changes, I am pleased to find many of the skills honed during my extended suburban stay are easily transferred to the workforce.  For example:


Senior Executive demonstrating accelerated advancement in a growing organization.  Experience extends across multiple departments, including accounting, human resources and public relations.  Core competencies: long and short-term planning, project management, risk assessment, team-building and process improvement initiatives.


  • Implements time management strategies improving efficiency
  • Engineers programming and activities aimed at maintaining employee morale and maximizing productivity
  • Monthly Stats/ Ongoing assessment of company as it expands and matures
  • Responsible for hiring outside contractors for project-based initiatives and executive retreats
  • Co-Chair of Discipline and Code Enforcement
  • New employee training


  • Social Media Representative/ Image Development
  • Creative Director with 5 years experience


  • Sets budget and manages all accounts, overseeing funding distribution and maintaining financial records
  • 10+ years experience in Purchases and Aquisitions
  • Co-Director of Investments and Trading


  • Mediation and Crisis Management
  • Workplace Safety


  • BA Marriage, MA Childbearing: Life University
  • Currently obtaining MS Early Child Engineering with plans to pursue doctorate in Adolescent and Pre-Adult Development
  • Fluent in multiple language, including Toddler and Whining
  • Excels in stain removal, injury assessment and treatment, toy retrieval and wrestling

Anyone hiring?