sometimes parenting can make you feel just a little crazy


Sorry to disappoint, but there are no juicy horror stories here.  I do not have the in-laws from hell.  They are, in fact, quite wonderful.  I'm not sure you can count giving the kids too much bacon and ice cream (not together, but I wouldn't put it past them if my kids asked for it) as an offense, but if you could that would be the worst of it.  It's been quite a burden really.  I can't ever keep up when trading crazy MIL stories with my friends to see who can outdo the other.  There's not enough to legitimately complain about.  Also, it's not like whining about my own parents.  They raised me, therefore I have an innate right to get fed up with them.  It's different with a spouse's family.  Despite how ridiculously great my in-laws are, there are times when something or other will grate on me.  It's only natural, but one must tread this territory carefully.  You can complain to your spouse, but not too much otherwise he will get defensive and it can get messy when you put your husband in between his wife and his mother, trust me. Further, I know this is a two-way street.  I don't profess to be free from annoying qualities and am certain my in-laws wouldn't mind ringing my neck on occasion.  I'm also certain they love me anyway.  I gave them three grandchildren, after all.  On the bright side I don't have to put up a lot of pretense around them, which is great because I have inherited some of my mom's frankness.  (I'm not certain my MIL wouldn't mind just a bit of pretense at times, but oh well.)  It's great to feel so comfortable with my husband's family.

"How can this be?" you ask.  "Not possible!" you say.  No, it's the truth.  The only story here is my in-laws are so disgustingly nice and generous they took us in when we sold our house.  Until we find a new one, it's four adults, three kids, two dogs in a modest, three bedroom raised ranch.  Amazingly we haven't killed each other.  Far from it, I feel like we're getting closer.  It must be the magic of multigenerational habitation.  I don't think it's for everyone, but it's worked wonders for us.  These last few weeks have been the least stressful I've had in ages.  I have another adult to interact with during the day and the kids have discovered that climbing into the grandparents bed in the morning means they get to watch TV*.  Everyone seems pretty happy.  Where most most people would consider this situation nutty, it's turned out to be a refreshing dose of sanity.  I'm sure this fairy tale won't last forever, so hopefully we'll have found a house by the time it starts going sour and we can go out while on top.  You know, less like Seinfeld and more like Oprah.

*More on the effects of the multigenerational habitation from the Information Chase Science Team ("ICST") to come.