sometimes parenting can make you feel just a little crazy


kids running around barefoot in the yard - dirty kids making mudpies in sandbox - dirtier

kids eating sand - dirtiest

dog licking kid's fingers after pb&j lunch - yuck

dog licking toddler's sippy cup and toddler putting it back in his mouth - yuckier

baby putting hands in dog's throw-up on floor and then putting hands in her mouth - yuckiest

toys that make noise - annoying

kids pressing button on noise-making toys over and over and over again - more annoying

sound of kids fighting over one toy even though you have two of them - most annoying

taking batteries out of toys that make noise - sweet

kids playing together nicely - sweeter

hearing kids wrecking havoc and not having to do anything because it's your spouse's turn and you're taking a relaxing bath - sweetest

child's first word - proud

child's first step - prouder

child's first poop in the toilet - proudest