sometimes parenting can make you feel just a little crazy

kids & pets

Correction: kids are like pets.  It's true.  I've learned from owning dogs and raising my children there are many similarities.  For example:

- Sometimes you should just step back and let them sort things out on their own.  They can and will establish their own pack order.

- Whenever you give a directive, you need to say it with assured authority.  They can sense when you don't really mean it.

- Walks, outdoors, fresh air; essential for good health...especially yours...mentally.

- Too many treats are not good for them.

- They destroy things, whether to get back at you for something or just because.  The reason doesn't really matter.  They will do damage and you will have to pay for it.

- If you aren't training them, they'll be the ones training you.

- Sometimes they don't eat their food.  You don't know why and they won't tell you.

- Telling them to stop crying or making any annoying noise doesn't do much good.  They will simply keep doing it, only now louder.

- Make sure they do their business before tucking in for the night, otherwise you run the risk of waking up with an accident somewhere in the house.

- Bathtime means everybody gets wet. (see also my post on baths)

- There will be times when they will give you "that look", like they did something, but they will not tell you what they did and you might never find out.

Last, but not least, you will enjoy unconditional love and there will be some days you just won't be able to (or won't want to) say no to those big, beautiful puppy eyes.  And the dogs look cute, too.