sometimes parenting can make you feel just a little crazy


There's a time in every mother's life when you truly think you might end up strangling one or more of your children.  Then there are times when everything seems to be hurling around like a hurricane, but you are given a moment when you look into your children's sweet little faces and you realize all that other stuff, even the stuff that seems pretty big, is really quite small in comparison to their big, wondrous eyes, broad smiles and infinite capacity for love, adventure and imagination.  I swear, when you soak in those moments you can feel your heart swell like the Grinch's when he heard all of Whoville singing.  There will be moments you miss, because, hey, you're not perfect, but when you realize you're in one and you can stop yourself long enough to enjoy it...do.  It might be one small blip in the blink-of-an-eye that is life, but life is made up of those moments and they really do matter.  These are the kind of moments when you stop what you're doing long enough to look your child directly in the eyes and tell him that you promise to feed the dinosaur that lives in the room down the hall.  The smile and the extra shine in his eyes indicate the shared understanding that there really isn't a dinosaur, but him knowing that you will pretend along with him is the magic that is parenthood. So, whether you're stressed about a job search or simply pms-ing, forgive yourself the times when you are short-sighted, but eke out every nanosecond for the times you are not.  Otherwise, this shit can go very Cats in the Cradle on you faster than you can say Harry Chapin.