sometimes parenting can make you feel just a little crazy

love notes

Maintaining a healthy relationship while also raising children can be very difficult.  You should communicate well, be honest about your expectations of each other, while also infusing romantic gestures into every day life.

Dear Fred,

I realize you asked me something the other day and got impatient because the answer was self-evident.  Next time, I will get aggravated when you do something wrong and didn't check with me first.  Just remember I said yes when you asked me to marry you.

Sincerely, Matilda

Dear Freddie,

When you are out with the guys I want you to call me to let me know what's going on and when you'll be home, otherwise I will get very irked.  However, don't call me when I'm up to my ears handling the kids.  I will only end up being annoyed that you're bugging me while I'm taking care of bath night alone.  You're out for the night.  Have fun.  Just remember in whose company you expect to be sleeping tonight.

Lovingly, Your Wife

My Darling Fred,

When I cook, you will clean.  When you cook, you will clean.  You always make a bigger mess than me and you should set an example to the kids to always cleanup your messes.  On a side note, isn't it amazing how I carried and gave birth to your three children.

Always, Your Darling Sweetheart

Dearest Freddie-kins,

I can't believe you have the nerve to get sick.  Not only do I have to take care of the kids, but now a sick husband, too.  Don't expect me to act like your mom.  Suck it up.  Also, whenever I have the slightest headache you must send me to lie down, handle everything without complaint and check on me every half hour to see if I need anything.  And just remember what I bought at the lingerie store last year that I've never worn, but someday will, I swear.

With lasting love, Your Queen