sometimes parenting can make you feel just a little crazy


The care to which you clean your child is relative to the number of children you have.  Your first child receives a bath every night.  It is a long, luxurious spa treatment complete with a head-to-toe lotion rub down.  When the second child comes along, you end up doing baths every other night or so.  After all, you're not supposed to bathe babies too much, right?  It's bad for their skin.  By the time the third child arrives, you get around to bathing your children when it occurs to you to ask your spouse, "When's the last time they had a bath?"  He, of course, has no idea, isn't feeling up to doing baths tonight and neither do you, so you put it off until tomorrow.  This is a natural progression of parenting evolutions.  Seasoned parents know there are certain stages of dirtiness with corresponding cleaning applications.  It probably looks something like this: 10 Stages of Dirtiness

stage 1 - lick finger and rub

stage 2 - just wipe with a damp cloth

stage 3 - need a little soap with that

stage 4 - where's the sanitizer?

stage 5 - we need a new shirt

stage 6 - alright, just change the whole damn outfit

stage 7 - extract the baby from the clothes with surgical precision

stage 8 - um, start running the water

stage 9  - just put the kid in the tub, clothes and all

stage 10 - burn the clothes

Bath time can be stressful, fun, silly and frustrating, but it's unavoidable.  Even when they're old enough to do some or all of the cleaning themselves, you still need to supervise to make sure the job's done properly.  So, get your goggles and rain jacket because you're in it for the long haul and these kids are going to get clean whether they like it or not.