sometimes parenting can make you feel just a little crazy

The oldest, age 8, a.k.a. Frank Sinatra - wants to do everything his way, is crazy for dames and his expressive (albeit green) eyes will surely win hearts.

The middle, age 6, a.k.a. John "Duke" Wayne - more laid back than his brother, he's our strong, silent type who tends to put a lot of elbow-swagger into his walk, much like the original Duke.

The youngest, age 4, a.k.a. Phyllis Diller (Child Formerly Known as Rosy Cheeks) - born with mirror image cowlicks at the crown of her head, her blonde hair is inclined to go up and out at the top.  It lays flatter now that it's longer, but she's still a ham so the name stays.

The husband, a.k.a. Hubby - part support system, part counterbalance, he's seen me at my worst and inspires me to be my best.  And it's a good thing he's cute.

Me, the librarian/writer/mom/wife - managing to keep it all together and not let anything...not too much, at least...fall through the tiny cracks in my brain.


Did I mention we also have two dogs?